Thursday, October 16, 2014

On my way to California

I should call this blog, "Dear Diary" since I don't think anyone has 'found' it on Internet yet and I could be blogging to myself!! Laugh...
  That's okay because I'm not the best blogger out there. Anyway, looks like I'm on the move again.  Next month I'm moving temporarily to California. My wool is packed, my hooking frame is already in California waiting for me. I will continue writing periodically on my "Tabbytite Hooked Rug" blog from my iPad.  I'll get back with you before I leave, hook away ladies...


  1. You are not alone. I enjoy your blog and I am sure others do as well. Where in California are you moving? I live in South Orange County.

  2. Well, well.. It's nice to know I have a follower to my blog!! I'm moving to Torrance In the South Bay Area in middle of November. I'm hoping to join Gene Shepherd's monthly hook-in too.