Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weeding The Flowers...

Okay, as you can see I'm learning as I hook. Calling your 'style' painterly or Impressionism is the way to go if like me, you don't know what the heck you are doing, laugh... I'm weeding flowers I wasn't happy about, we all have those pesky areas on our rugs, right? So I pulled out that red flower that looked like the devil's pitch fork then planted lavender, pink, and gold flowers in its place. Much better. Now I'm filling in the gap between the flowers with different textures &shades of green wool... I keep starring at my flowers, trying to figure out what is wrong with it and comparing it to the other end of that row of flowers. I'm asking myself, what are you trying to achieve? Ahhh, I just figured it out, it's the blend of the background that make the flowers pop, to stand out, not so much the flowers themselves. Painterly style IS about blending colors, right!? So how do I think I can get this to work for me? I realized that by using smaller cuts of wool in the background and keeping the flowers the same size cut #8 as the rest of the rug, it does look like the painterly style I was trying to achieve. Here's the tricky part. In the eight years I have been hooking, I still only use one blade, laugh... Size cut #8. Okay, don't laugh, here is how I get my smaller size stripes, using my finger as a guide post I take the cut #8 and run it perfectly center thru the wool cutter again. Does that mean, I now have cut #4? There you have it, that's how I'm hooking those flowers.  Also, the I hooked dirt above the flowers, I love how it turned out. I'm using fat yarn into the ground too. It's the deep gold in the dirt. Too bad I packed that yarn away when I came to California. I have to try to find it again at JoAnn's.
So here is my updated wild flower bed..... I promise NOT TO show it again until that flower bed is done and my guy's face is hooked. I keep starring at him, he's gonna get a make-over next.